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Promelthis is located high in the mountains, miles and miles from any local cities. The people within have grown up with each other, and have been forbidden to leave. The gates to the city are enchanted, and it masks the location. The only thing available to sight being the enormous green gates themselves. Often seen wandering around the mountains are small groups of male hunters. They have a wild look about them, and would, for the most part, leave a traveler aloneā€¦unless they were to come to close to the gates themselves. In which case they have been charged with the protection of the city. They are the only thing that stands between the Promethians and the outside forces that wish to destroy or conquer them.

The city itself is more like a world in and of itself. It is enormous, and spans further then nearly five of the others in this world.

There is a secret here. One that is guarded...most do not seem to even be aware of what goes on within the city walls. Most don't realize that it is very rare that anyone is allowed to come -into- the city....even rarer is those that leave. Anyone who walks from the gates are never seen nor heard from again. They are not allowed to contact family or friends, and they will never step foot through the enormous intricately carved gates nearly all of the population has seen fromt he inside.

To speculate on this is considered heresy. Most will turn and walk away if the topic is brought up, others will call the guards that will flood the city as if they've come out of nowhere. Those that want to find the truth, and hunt it down usually end up going missing eventually...these missing people are mourned, sometimes even searched for, but more often then not, they simply forget they ever existed....
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