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 The Goddess Driyell

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PostSubject: The Goddess Driyell   Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:59 pm

History of the Goddess Driyell:

Driyell's history is rich in the land Promelthia. She is said to be the protector of the water, the benevolent Goddess that offers solace to those who seek to live in her virtue. For those who believe in the Goddess Driyell they believe that she is the only one to have faith in. The all other God's worshipped were beneath her, and she was gracious enough to allow them their followers. She is often depicted as a mer-being, with long flowing locks, and glowing flesh of blue. She, however, can often be seen depicted in many fashions, though water is always involved, as she is the Goddess of water magics, healing, the sea.
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The Goddess Driyell
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