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 Main Rules

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PostSubject: Main Rules   Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:25 pm

Please take time to read these rules! there won't be a pop quiz on them, and no I'm not going to scream, shout, and cuss if I find out you only skimmed them...but you will be held responsible for any and all rule violations, without excuse! Smile Here we go, let's start the ride!

1) There will be no toleration of people who feel the need to put down others. this includes, but is not limited to: Poking fun at a persons grammar, taking public issue with their spelling, or bashing them in any way about personal preference, sex, race, or religion! All of these things may either warrant a single warning, before termination, or instant termination!

2)Everyone must submit a character application! They cannot play these characters until an administrator has accepted them! The acceptance will come in two forms. First, we will move your character application from pending, and into Accepted. Second, we will alert you via personal message. Smile When you see the "NEW" button at the top of the screen, you've got news! Anyone found playing a character that has not been accepted by one of the staff, will automatically be warned. There is no second warning. After the first time, you will be asked to leave, and your registered name will be deleted!

3) All character applications HAVE to follow the guidelines given! There is no choice in this, unless you feel you need to ADD something to the application that I have provided. IF you remove a section it will take only that much longer for you to be gaming!

4) While there is no posting limit, such as how many lines you must post, and the like...we do require you to put some sort of effort into the game. For example:

*Albert walks in. Sits Down. Looks around.*

}BAD post{

*Albert moves into the room and takes a seat, carefully crossing one leg over the other. He takes a moment to look at his surroundings before settling into his seat.*

}GOOD Post{

5) IF one of the staff is running a game (which, thanks to this being a forum, can last a day or so depending on participants and the staff member) it ias always a public game and anyone can join, unless otherwise stated by the staff member running it! The storyline and outcome are up to the staff member. Those that participate HAVE NO SAY! If you feel a staff member has been unfair in a decision during a game, about your character, or another...please come to ME about it. As I am the site owner, and will always be willing to listen to problems. Smile

6) SINCE we do not have a rolling system for fights, then there are specific rules for them. One, you have to post a response to an attack in a reasonable manner! this means, yes, of course, once in a while your character will be able to dodge an attack...but is a bullet flies at your head let's not pull a matrix move? Two, if you feel someone is being unfair in a fight, or you do not understand how to do this fight, a staff member will ALWAYS be willing to mediate the fight. This means a staff member will keep an eye on the posts, and, if need be, interject some information of their own on what they think is fair.
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Main Rules
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